To disable the Autoresponder, contact the office of your mobile operator. The company employs professionals who for a few minutes will inactivate the option. Also the staff can advise and teach you to self-manage services.
If a representative office or service center is far away, you can contact a counselor by phone. For example, you are a customer of MTS. In this case, dial 0890 from your mobile phone or 8 (800)250 0890 with any urban unit. Wait for the response of the consultant and describe him the problem. Subscribers of MegaFon can disable the service in the same way, i.e. by calling the contact centre at 0500 or 8 (800)333 0500. Clients "Beeline" have to call the number 0611.
Deactivate the service on your own. To do this, enter the USSD request. For the customers of MTS, it looks like this: *111*90#. For "MegaFon" is *105*1300#, "Beeline" - *110*010#. Once the command is entered on your telephone will receive a service message containing the results of the action.
You can also use the official page of its cell located in the Internet. You just go to the site to find a link to the self-service system, enter personal details (phone number and password). Then you will see the personal account page in the menu, locate the "Services" section, select the appropriate subkey (for example, "Change of services"). In the list look for "Autoresponder" and deactivate the service. In the end, save the changes.
If you are a subscriber of "MegaFon", uninstall the service via a query. Send to number 000105 the following message: "1300". For the customers, MTS also has a similar request, you must enter the text "90 2" and send it to the short number 111. In both cases, the quotation marks off.