You will need
  • phone;
  • - data on the SIM card.
Please, dial the command*110*09# and press the call button. Within a couple of minutes you will receive an email with a list of connected on your tariff services. Carefully read it. Before the service through the "slash" indicates the service connection fee and a subscription fee for its use. Carefully read all the points, because small font may be additional cost for the company's services.
Type the command "*110*010# and press the call button. Wait for confirmation of service disconnection and follow the voice instructions of the robot hand. You can also dial the support number — 0622 and go all the shutdown logic of the services themselves, or to wait for a response operator, who will give you the necessary code or accepts the request for disconnection of service.
Check the correctness of the implementation, again typing on the phone "*110*09# and having studied the list of connected services. If you need to connect or disconnect any services, dial the support number and follow the instructions.
Is more likely to control their balance, connected services and the funds are debited from the account. In addition, you can become a victim of hackers, you can lose money on the error of calculations of the operator. Give yourself the time to report a bug or a wrong charge. You can also call the operator by number 0611 and ask about all the connected services from a specialized company employee.
On the official website of the Beeline, you can log in via a special panel, which presents a complete list of all the services activated on your number. Anytime you can get specific information on the balance on the phone or services, company news.