To activate the answering service of mobile operator "Beeline", dial *110*014# and press the call button. The answering machine will be activated each time the phone is out of reach, and if you can't take the call within 30 seconds. If necessary, the caller will leave a voice message, which you can listen to by calling a toll-free number 0600. To operate the answering machine (to connect or disconnect the service at your convenient time) subscribers of mobile operator "Beeline" can also in the self-service system, which is on the website Enter it possible after obtaining a personal login and password. To do this, dial the number *110*9#. The operator will set you password and your mobile phoneas specified in the ten-digit format will be the username to log into the system.
At the cellular operator "MegaFon" to connect the answering machine may not all subscribers as the carrier has imposed on the connection some limitations. The subscribers on tariffs "light" or "Telemetry", to use the service can not. Subscribers of other tariffs can connect an answering machine, by calling the toll free number 0500. Also to connect to the service you can use the self-service system "Service-Guide" or contact in the official salon of mobile operator "MegaFon". The activation cost is ten rubles. When using the service each day your account will be charged the monthly fee in the amount of one ruble. List of tariffs, which are available or unavailable the service may change, information about the status of the fare you can go to the official website of the mobile operator (
The subscribers of MTS can use the service "SMS-answering machine". To install first set the response text, you can type any message which you see fit. Then send the text to the short number - 3021. After activation of the service to the MTS subscribers who are unable to reach you, you will receive a message with the specified text.