Disabling services is completely free and within a few minutes. This can be done in several ways. You can deactivate the service in the customer care office. To do this, you should contact your SIM card or account number. To confirm that you are the owner, provide the passport or other document (e.g. driving licence).
If you don't have time, disable the option, by calling the contact centre on 0500 number (if you are an individual) or 8-800-550-0555 (if legal entity). You can also send the official letter by Fax 8-495-504-5077.
Deactivate the service on your own. Being in the network of "MTS" send to number 5038 word "stop". Within a few seconds your telephone will receive a response from the operator, the service will be disabled.
Note that when you connect to your phone's menu option has been added called "Kaleidoscope". With the help of this server you will be able to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Go to the menu of the mobile device. Click on the tab "MegafonPro" from the list, select "Kaleidoscope". Next, click on the section "Settings", here click the option of "Broadcasting" and make it inactive. After this message, the operator will not come to you on the phone.
If you have Internet access, visit the website of the cellular company "the Megaphone". Take advantage of the system "Service-guide" to disable services. To do this, enter the phone number and password. Once on the personal page, scroll to "Change set". In the opened list look for "Kaleidoscope" and uncheck it, save changes.