If you want to get rid of the answering machine, contact the service center of your mobile company. This is often the most sensible and convenient way, it allows to disable unnecessary services. Come with a passport and refrain from answering, disconnection will be performed free of charge. In addition, you will be able to find out what other chargeable services are connected to your SIM card. It is possible that you will find some more junk possible, standing you a lot of money.
Use mobile assistant. For MTS is the number 0890, Beeline – 111, Megaphone – 0567. Call the desired number to the operator and ask to turn off the answering machine. Wait for confirmation of your request.
Dial a special code to disconnect from the service. For each operator it is your:
- MTS - ##002# and then call button;
- Beeline - *110*010# and then click dialing
Megaphone - *105*602*0# and then call button.Your phone should come message from the operator stating that the service was disconnected. If the query remains unanswered, please call the operator directly.
Login to the website operator. The registration procedure will not take very much time, but after it you will be able to control your phone: select the desired services and to refuse unwanted. Enter your phone number and see what opportunities there are in this SIM. You will get complete information on services and may decide to refuse answering, if you know all its properties.
Some operators, such as Life, automatically connect the answering machine when the caller turned out to be outside of the network. This answering machine can be configured using the following codes:
- Full off - ##002#;
- **67*5100# - enable auto-reply only if the line is busy;
- **62*5100# - call forwarding if you are offline;
- **21*5100# - divert all incoming calls.