To disable voice dialing in Nokia on Symbian, go to "Menu – Settings – Phone – voice Recognition" and there set up voice dialing or completely disable this feature. If the function is off, you can try to reset the phone to factory settings. But be careful, this will delete all data stored on the memory card and the internal memory of the phone. Also recently Nokia released smartphones with the new operating system from Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Her voice set is made using the application or Bluetooth headsets, so you should not worry that it can hinder you.
Algorithm disable voice dialing on an iPhone the following. In the music player always on voice control, and disable it does not. But for security purposes you can prevent activate voice dialling when the screen is locked. Go to "Settings – General – passcode lock" and then disable Voice dialing. Now for a random holding down the Home button voice dialing will not be activated. Thus you will save yourself battery.
Android phones voice dial is presented in the form of applications and when connecting the headset, the application can independently be activated, thereby bringing inconvenience to the owner of the smartphone. Unfortunately, the only way to disable voice dialing is a remove this application from the system. But for this you need root access, i.e. full access to the phone system. After receiving it, you can easily remove system apps – voicedialer and voicesearch. For detailed instructions, see the respective forums.