If you use the services of the cellular operator MTS, to listen to received voice messages if you activated "Voice/Fax mail, call 0861. Then press the number 1. If you want to know from which number you received the message, then press 7. Then you can either delete the message by pressing 5, or keep pressing 4. The saved message will be kept for a few days. If not to erase, but not to save the message, it will be deleted automatically as soon as you hang up the phone. The cost of the call depends on which version of services you use - "Answering machine" or "Secretary", and the caller pays for leaving messages the same as if he'd just called you.
If you are a subscriber of "Beeline", to use the voice mail system when activated "Voicemail" or "Answering machine" and call the number 0600. Press 1 to listen message, 2 to know the number of his author, 4 to save the message, or 5 to remove. A call to the number 0600 is charged similarly to calls on on-net number.The operator "Beeline" provides other services using voice message: "Saying the letter" and "Be+". The first of these suggests that the author will send it for free. But you have to listen to it the first time, you will have to pay. Later listening to the same messages are not charged. In order to make the audition, call #00. In order to listen to your voice message issent to you within the second service call by a short number that is specified in the information text message. In this case, as the author, so you have to pay for the call, for a local.
If your phone is connected to the operator "Megaphone", to listen to the messages left in the service for Voice mail, call the toll free number 222 and follow the prompts. If you have received a message from the subscriber of "MegaFon" message in the service "Voice SMS" call anywhere is not necessary. The phone rings, and when you remove the tube, the automatic informer will read the text with a synthetic voice. Finally, to listen to the messagethat was sent to you in the service "Letter out loud, call the number that is specified in the received SMS information. Cost of such call will be like a normal intranet.