One of these operators is "Beeline". To connect an answering machine, dial USSD-request *110*014# and press the call key. Each time the service is activated, if you do not lift the handset within thirty seconds or if you will be out of reach. If necessary, callers you can leave a voice message. To listen to him call a short number 0600.
The company "Beeline" there is a system of self-service. With its help, customers can manage the services (to connect them to disconnect at any moment). This includes the answering machine. To login go to the website Retrieving data for authorization is available through the USSD-command *110*9#. The operator will give you a password and username will be your phone number. Note: it should only be given in ten-digit format.
If you are using the services of MTS, then you will be able to connect the service "SMS-answering machine". It will help when the caller will not be able for some time to answer the message or phone call. When you activate it you will need to set the text of the reply SMS (i.e. the one that will receive the rest of the subscribers have not received your response). To do this, send it to a number 3021.
It should be noted that not all users of MegaFon are connected answering machine. These include clients such tariff plans as "light" and "Telemetry" (a current list is available on the official website of the company). All other subscribers can use the service via a call to the number 0500 or self-service system "Service-Guide". Besides, you can always ask for help in the cabin of the operator. The cost of connecting voice calls and subscription fee for it will depend on the tariff plan of the client.