Some of the most common jewelry diamond rings. They are encouraged to decorate only the ring finger left or right hand. In any case, do not mix and match different rings. According to the rules of etiquette, a diamond ring should be on the finger of one. If you have a wedding ring on his left hand, the diamond ring wear on the right or remove the pre-engagement ring, if you want the diamond shone on his left hand.
Diamond earrings are perfect for women of all ages, but their shape much depends. For example, if you are slim and have a Swan neck, you are encouraged to wear long earrings in the form of suspensions. Especially effectively they will look in combination with smoothly coiffed hair. If you have a rounded body shape and short neck, you perfect little earrings with diamonds having a round shape. Hair is best put in my hair.
Another delightful piece of jewelry that will adorn any woman a diamond bracelet. It is recommended to wear the right hand. Sometimes the diamonds in the bracelet have a certain pattern. In this case, try to secure the bracelet on your arm, otherwise the whole decoration design will look unprofitable. If you have a full hand, it will look perfectly diamond bracelets-hoops or "formless" bracelets dangling on her arm.
If you are going to wear a brooch decorated with diamonds, remember that young girls will approach brooches-shaped twigs, and more Mature women brooches in the shape of leaves. Sometimes diamond brooches can be made in the form of bouquets of flowers or buds. It is worth considering some rules of etiquette. Wear the brooch with a diamond on the left shoulder so that it is positioned approximately 15 centimeters from the gate. If you have a large brooch with diamond, you can secure it to the collar or voluminous scarf. If you put a diamond brooch on any solemn event, then clothes choose solid and not shiny, to the shining diamond in the eyes of the guests looked more impressive.
Necklaces and pendants with diamonds, amazing will look, if the shoulders of your dress will be open. However, diamond necklace is perfect to a closed plain dress of dark color, with a high collar. Pendants with diamonds would be very appropriate if you have a dress having Frank and in-depth neckline.