Rings and their significance

A ring is called ring, in which is embedded a large precious stone or mineral. Rings since ancient times are the purely masculine jewelry that emphasized the social status of its owner and his wealth. Rings or gold rings with engraved initials were widespread from the ancient nobility, and in the middle Ages they symbolized the nobility of their owner.

Today massive diamond rings are the oligarchs and other dignitaries, have a great financial situation.

The ring symbolizes the eternal life cycle – that is why the powers that these ornaments were a great value. Wore rings exclusively male, since no woman dare to decorate your fingers with this accessory. In ancient times even wedding rings were worn solely strong floor. Fashion Golden seals went from Ancient Rome, where patricians used them as prints, wrist prints, badges and even for the storage of poisons.

Finger ring

A specific answer to the question on what finger to wear a ring, does not exist, but psychologists say that a finger is put on this ornament, it is possible to determine the character and temperament of its owner. So, a ring on the little finger, basically, are people of creative professions, and the signet ring on the middle finger is designed to emphasize the beauty of a person. A ring on the index finger reflects the nature of power, ring finger with a ring indicates the presence of the beloved, and the signet on his thumb suggests increased sexuality of its owner.

Historians have repeatedly noted the centuries-old traditions with regards to which finger members of the nobility wore rings.

A big role in wearing gloves and played her position. Traditionally, the side with the embossed characters went outside, while wearing the ring guard inside testified about the engagement. Today certain traditions in this respect does not exist, and men can choose the finger on which they wear a ring. First of all it concerns the personal aesthetic perception and taste of a person. One thing to remember – the ring on the little finger looks elegant, harmonious, and on the index finger it will look pretty aggressive and defiant.