You will need
  • The IMEI number of your phone;
  • Write a statement to the police;
When you purchase a phoneand cellular you fill out the warranty card, which specifies the IMEI of your phone. IMEI is a unique international number of your phone. This number consists of 15 digits. This code is for each telephoneand that support the GSM standard. This room is set at the factory izgotovit during Assembly for precise identification of a device in a GSM network.
If you have lost the phoneand need to figure out this number. It is available not only on the warranty card, but on the box from phoneand.
The next step should be going to the police. Definitely need to bring your identification documents and all the paperwork on the phoneto confirm that it is in your possession.In the office you will be prompted to write a statement about the loss or theft of the phone.
If you give the police the IMEI number of your phoneand mobile operators request is made. The interaction between the police and operators is that, knowing your IMEI , you can detect the phone, but rather the SIM card, which acts now in your phoneE. once you have defined the owner of the SIM card, which is now used in your phonee, mobile operators will report it to the police station. The officer of the district where is located the address of the designated mobile phone numbers, must find out the circumstances of the case.