Holidays in Izmir (Turkey)

Where else to rest in the summer cheaply, not in Turkey. So, if a vacation is planned in the summer, then a great option would be the city of Izmir, is located there. No wonder this city attracts a large number of people from different countries. For those who want to relax on the sea, suitable Ramo beach, which is only an hour away from Izmir.

For lovers of bright holidays unforgettable will be the international Izmir Festival, which is held here annually in summer. It is possible to enjoy various musical, theatrical and dance performances. One of the most visited areas of the city is the Central square, called Konak Meydani. In the center of this square will attract the attention of a large clock tower, it is one of the symbols of the city. In General, in Izmir, everyone can find something interesting for themselves: to visit the mosques, museums, parks, view of the fortress.

On average, for one night at the 3 star hotel you can pay 36,15 Euro for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant one man is 3.80 euros.

Vacation in Hungary (Budapest)

Those who wish to rest in the summer cheaply abroad, can recommend to visit Hungary. In July, for example, you can go to the capital of Hungary is a wonderful and beautiful city of Budapest. You can always find yourself some fun. In addition to the many tours that are offered generously in the city, you can become the visitors of the Oceanarium, Palace of wonders, museums, to take pictures with the beautiful historical monuments.

One of the oldest in Europe, is considered the local zoo. Families with children are also a great time to visit the local amusement Park, Palace of wonders, a children's railway. For the nightlife lovers can go to the local night club. City Park also attracts all tourists – during the day where you can relax and in the evening to visit the rides and events. Many Antiques you can find on the street Mixi Falk.

The local price level simply can not please those who like to travel: there are other reasons for 18,67 euros, and lunch in a cheap restaurant for 1.37 Euro.

A holiday in Portugal (Porto)

Another excellent option for an inexpensive summer vacation is the city of Porto, which is the second largest city in Portugal. To get started is to visit the Ribeira, which will help to integrate into the local atmosphere. Local artists there selling their works. Lovers of architectural structures is certainly worth a look at the Clérigos tower and to a local music House. Nature lovers can get pleasure from visiting the Park of the Crystal Palace, there is the opportunity to see peacocks and other strange birds.

In Portugal you can really relax in the summer cheap: dinner at an inexpensive restaurant here about 6 euros, and to spend the night in a three star hotel for € 19,65.

An unforgettable vacation can make and visit the amazing beauty of the promenade Cais da Ribeira. There you can walk along the many steep streets and lanes. The house, located on the waterfront, can surprise by its appearance – thanks to a special tile, which they laid out the impression that they are covered with colorful scales. You can also make trips on moored to the quay of the small ancient ships. In the southern part of the city is the famous Freedom square, where you can make memorable photos of your wonderful vacation!

It becomes obvious that the rest in the summer cheaply is possible and abroad, and, most importantly, there are plenty to choose from.