Don't worry if you can not pay for an expensive vacation at the best resorts. Financial difficulties does not mean that life can't be exciting and intense. Regardless of your place of residence, it is possible to find inexpensive vacation options.


One of the cheapest forms of recreation is camping. Select a nearby good camping. Such towns usually break near the pond, river, forest or sea. Please call the organizers to find out the exact prices and further details. Most often, for use of the camping in most places taken for a small fee. To save money, you can prior to arrival to purchase your tent or to stay in the rear of the machine.

The advantages of this relaxation is the direct contact with nature, which has a beneficial effect on the person.

During such trips, meals can be arranged in several ways. For example, cook food on fire, using cereals and vegetables brought from home. If tent city is near the pond or river, you can catch fish and make fish soup. Many would agree that the food on the fire is always much tastier than cooked at home.

Cheap holidays by the sea

Most of families like holiday by the sea in conditions as close to home. Accommodation in tent they do not even consider.

If you want to live in a comfortable room or a separate house does not mean that you need to spend a tidy sum of money. In this form of recreation, too, is where to save.

First of all, do not use the services of tour operators. Their work will cost you from 15 to 50% of the cost of the trip. Using the Internet, you can find the right information and also the opinions of others about the place to which going.

Almost every hotel or hotel indicates on their official website contact information. Using it, you can find out all the details and to book a room in advance so that on arrival not to overpay.

In terms of food at this type of holiday can save, cooking your own meals. This is true if you're staying in the private sector or in the house at the recreation center. Planning to cook their own meals, go to where nearby markets and shops. It would be wise not part of the perishable products to bring.

To get to places of residence would be wiser by bus or private car. If there is an option to get the train, book in advance the seats in second-class carriage.