How to get there. The country can be reached by several modes of transport – by plane or train. Flights to Montenegro will be the highest. Ticket prices are different and the variations can start from 15000 rubles and reach up to 45,000 rubles one-way. It all depends on the season and from the selected resort. To the country can be reached and a slightly different way. For starters, you want to fly to Belgrade. And from there on the train to Montenegro. Even in the height of the season the road will be much cheaper than a direct flight to Montenegro. Of course, this path takes a lot of effort, but the savings will be significant.The most affordable way to reach the country for those seeking benefits is a direct train. In the summer you can buy tickets on the train Moscow-Podgorica (capital of Montenegro). Price at one end, ranges from 250 euros.

Accommodation. Hotels in Montenegro is quite expensive - 300-500 euros a day. Of course, you are provided with entertainment. But if you aim to relax cheaply in this country, then you should look for a more economical option.The cheapest option on offer for travelers is the check-in the private sector. We should not settle in the first line from the sea. First, the cost will be two times higher, and secondly, relaxing stay would violate the very loud music the local discos, bars and restaurants at night. The local population rents tourist cabins and lodges for a small price of 10-20 euros per day. With this at your disposal not only a sleeping place, but a shower, toilet and a small kitchen where you can prepare lunch.

Resorts and recreation. All the resorts are in close proximity to each other, because Montenegro is a small country. In 10 days you can avoid it all. All beaches are municipal, will be paid only sunbeds and umbrellas. Each resort town has its own water Park. But is it worth to visit it, when there is a clean sea? For vacationers are offered a variety of excursions. And renting a bike, you can save money on bus tours and guide service.

Food. Montenegro should definitely try the dishes of local chefs. At low prices visit the café for one person can cost 1-5 euros. With this you get a complete meal of 3-4 dishes of the Balkan cuisine. So do not skimp on visiting foodservice outlets, as delicious and satisfying to eat for the entire stay will be quite inexpensive.

Montenegro is not the cheapest country for travelers. But there is always something to save, if with mind to approach future spending. The rest of the country will be more economical if you get to it by train and get a room for housing from the local population.