This can be done lounging on the couch, watching all the serials and transfer, such as "let's get married!" and absorbing an incredible amount of popcorn and chips, and then to be surprised by the circles under the eyes and rasplyvsheysya waist. The result of this "rest" is likely to be depression. It is best in this situation to engage themselves, their appearance, wardrobe and environment.
Start with a General cleaning in the apartment. Slowly, the sounds of your favorite music, wash Windows, doors, wash curtains create a pleasant, intimate atmosphere.
Review your closet, throw out unnecessary things, fix things which before did not reach the hands.
Downloading from the Internet video tutorials in the mornings, do gymnastics.
Take care of your appearance. Cucumber, egg and honey and any other daily beauty mask, will rejuvenate your face.
After a relaxing aromatic bath with almond, pink, fenhelevy or any other essential oil do yourself a manicure and pedicure.
Three times a week, better in the morning visit the city beach - you will get a beautiful even tan.
Pamper yourself a hot bath with mineral bomb or scented salts - this will give you the opportunity to completely relax.
It is better to eat light healthy food, eating lots of vegetables and fruits. For example, vegetables with meat cooked in the oven. Such food requires neither costly, nor time, and the taste, appetizing appearance, lack of calories and the presence of vitamins create a good mood, will improve the complexion and visibly reducing the waistline.
Go do something useful and pleasant; for example, sew a dress or update their knowledge of English.
When from Spain will call your friend and tell you that the hotel room she got a small, the neighbor behind the wall with his snoring does not sleep, the man who she liked, turned out to be a gigolo, after sea bathing, her body is covered with a saline crust, which corrodes the skin - you just will empathize with her. And for some reason will not experience more envy.
Back to work funny, tanned, rejuvenated, in a new dress, catching yourself admiring glances of co-workers, you will realize that your vacation was a success!