Already gone is not a "chicken coops", which a local resident inexpensively rented to vacationers during the summer season. Today, housing in the most inexpensive category already implies the existence of such a minimum amenities like shower, air conditioning and a fully equipped bathroom. Changed not only the infrastructure, but also the category of housing that is offered for tourists. The streets of resort towns built with new buildings of 3-4 floors, it is hotels and resorts. For tourists today, there is a real competition, and the owners of these private hotels and boarding houses are directly interested to recruit a permanent clientele, which is a guarantee of stable income.
So choose to rent a cheap boarding house on the Black sea you will have no difficulty – if not on the recommendation of friends, on the Internet you will always find the offers that suit you at a price. The only thing you should care about is how to do it beforehand as the season starts already in may and it would be better if you book in advance. The choice of boarding house today comes down only to the place where you want to spend your vacation, after all, the Russian black sea coast is characterized by a diversity of natural and climatic features.
If you are a lover of therapeutic mud and gourds, choose a boarding house, located on the Taman Peninsula, in the Temryuk district. Those who come to vacation with children, it is better to choose anapsky district, as the resort city and its surroundings, such as the Annunciation scythe with its sandy beaches and shallow sea. For those who like to spend time having fun and to combine relaxation with visits to discos and restaurants, you can suggest Noumea, famous for its nightlife. But the nearby city – Kabardinka, Divnomorskoye, Dzhankhot, Arkhipo-Osipovka you can good and cheap to rest a family with young children.
In the Tuapse district, the territory of which 80% is covered by mountains and forests, you are guaranteed an interesting active rest, which can be combined with Hiking or horse riding and Hiking. Inexpensive and peaceful guest house you can choose on the territory of the Big Sochi – the 90-kilometer strip of small, cozy villages located along the coast.