The most important thing for the baptism of a baby is the godparents. To the choice of godparents (also called sponsors) should be approached with the utmost seriousness. It is their responsibility to help the parents of the child in all that relates to his Christian upbringing, to pray for him. It's a big responsibility, it is necessary to give a lot of energy. Not everyone can be a real godfather, not formal, which is indifferent to his godson and not paying attention. In addition, the failure of the godparents of their duties is a sin.

Requirements of the cross quite a lot. Godparents must be baptized Orthodox, parents can not be godparents of their child, the husband and wife are godparents of the same baby. Children can't be godparents, as they are not yet able to give an account of their faith. Insane sickness can neither vouch for the faith of their godchild, nor teach him faith.

Check with the Church what you need to prepare for baby baptism. Definitely need krisma - a piece of fabric from white fabric, in which the baptized infant is swaddled after the end of the sacrament, towel (to wipe baby immediately after the bath). The boy needs to prepare a new white shirt, for girls - dress, a bonnet or kerchief.

Also need a sanctified cross. Traditionally it gives the godson of the godfather. Any Orthodox believer is expected after baptism wearing a cross without removing the same applies to babies. Better if the cross would be made of light metal, and instead of the chain use a soft tape made of natural material that will not chafe the baby's skin. Then when the child grows up, the tape can be replaced by a chain.

The rite of baptism to last for quite a while, so please be all those that usually take, say, for a walk: removable diaper, pacifier, water bottle, food, diapers. Be sure to grab a second set of clothes for the baby, towel. Need to be able to wipe and change your baby if necessary.