Advice 1: Why give silver spoons for christenings

Modern parents increasingly pay tribute to half-forgotten traditions of the Church and baptize the baby after birth. Godfather plays the role of moral education, moral support of the child. Godfather, the parent is responsible for his godson. And to Express your love, affection for the little man, godfather or godparents often give the baby a silver spoon. Where did this custom?
Why give silver spoons for christenings
For the baby baptism is the beginning of spiritual life, therefore, godparents, mom and dad need to share this touching ceremony with him and his parents. According to Church custom, the godfather giving the child a few gifts. Among them baptismal shirt and a cross, crysma towel in which the baby is wrapped after the bath. These gifts presents godmother. A godfather needs to pay for the meal for the guests and the ceremony to donate the cross and chain.

Silver spoon – a gift to the "tooth"

The Church tradition of giving to the godson a silver spoon appeared for a long time. A spoonful of the precious metal presents for the future baby that the child was able to eat food with this Cutlery. The spoon often engrave the baby's name or a picture of a Guardian angel, Orthodox cross. You can also write on the gift of word of prayer.

The traditional gift for christenings are usually used for the first time in the temple. It serves to encourage the baby to Communion. With the help of a silver spoon baby give sample soaked in pomegranate or any other red fruit juice bread.

Silver spoon at the christening today, you can choose from different finishes. Common items decorated with colored enamel, is choose to important a beautiful gift box and ribbon.

The symbolism of silver spoons

Spoons of silver to give "tooth", because when the baby first teeth erupt, this time in his diet introduce solid foods. When meeting with a new food use spoons made of precious metal gives disinfectant effect. All because the silver ions kill pathogenic microbes, pathogens of the intestinal and other diseases. So that spoon can be a very practical gift for a godson.

Also a christening gift allows early to accustom the child to independence. But you need to choose a spoon with a comfortable handle – curved. Baptismal spoon will love the baby and become his favorite, if to approach to its choice with mind.

Presented for baptism spoons are small in size, but the appearance and shape of Cutlery made of silver may vary. The popularity of christening spoons of precious metal has especially increased in the 18th century. Today, these gifts for kids are affordable to almost everyone, they allow to Express a special relationship to the child.

Advice 2 : Why do the kids on the first tooth presented with a silver spoon

The tradition of giving baby a silver spoon is widely distributed not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world. So, for example, in England, about a successful man say that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The roots of this tradition go far back in time.
Why do the kids on the first tooth presented with a silver spoon

When a long-awaited baby is born, the main event in the family be it the first smile, the first goo goo, the first self-coup from back to tummy. But all that soon pales before another, the most important – the appearance of the first tooth. In honor of this event the grandparents give the baby a silver spoon on the first tooth."

It is widely believed that the first tooth of a baby to gently knock or a silver spoon to feed the baby with her. This, according to popular superstition, is the key to his good health and material prosperity in the future. Such assumptions are not unfounded. Silver is a precious and noble metal, the properties of the ions yet know our ancestors. A hundred years ago for disinfection of water were placed in a glass or a decanter a silver coin. Silver cross worn on the body, according to folk beliefs and traditions were protected from evil spirits and bad people.

Thus, the answer to the question about the value of a silver spoon for the baby is obvious. Such a gift is a kind of talisman to protect baby at different levels: physiological and energy. So, starting to lure, together with a silver spoon child will receive protection from various harmful bacteria and germs.

Choosing a silver spoon, note its size, shape and quality of the silver. It should be comfortable, well go in palm on its handle must be soft indent to the crumbs don't slip. To actually deliver the baby joy and do no harm to his health, buy such products only in specialized stores, having all of the appropriate certificates of quality on traded goods. Spoon for a child should not contain sharp corners or edges.

No less important is what kind of energy you recharge your gift. If you for some reason do not want to give a silver spoon to the baby (for example, consider the tradition of a waste of money or stupidity), it is better to not do this at all. Any gift should be made from the heart is the main condition that it will benefit it to the recipient.

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