Preparing for baptism, refuse open blouses V-neck, jeans and short skirts. It is best to wear a dress with a long skirt and elbow-length sleeves or long skirt with blouse. The color of the clothes can be anything, but you will feel more comfortable in modest attire shades. For the mother or godmother to better tie a handkerchief or scarf, because you can visit the Temple of the Lord with her head uncovered is unacceptable according to the canons of Orthodoxy.
If you are going to the christening, refrain from bright makeup, especially lipstick. During the ritual, the priest asks the godmother to kiss the cross, and to do this lipstick is simply inadmissible. Additionally, remove jewelry (earrings, bracelets, and so forth), but be sure to wear a cross. It is very important that the clothes you feel comfortable, not distracted from the sacred ordinances and not distract other people.
Also, it's important to take care of the clothes for the child that you will baptize. The child must be dressed in new clothes, preferably in light colors. During the baptism the priest will smear the legs and arms of the child, so it's best to expose them immediately. If you baptize very young infants, it should be wrapped in kriimu. Kryzma is a white blanket or towel, which acquires before the christening godmother.
If going to be baptized an adult, then it is recommended to wear a long shirt or light shirt. This apparel can be purchased directly before the ceremony in the Church. Also don't forget to bring your flip-flops and a towel to dry off after a threefold immersion. The shirt a person is baptized, decided to keep.