In the modern practice of the Russian Orthodox Church the sacrament of baptism is performed, along with another priesthood work - unction. Therefore, to talk about the time of the sacrament of baptism should, in accordance with this practice the connection of the two sacraments.

Most often, the baptism in the Orthodox churches committed pindividual. That is, several people were honored the sacrament of joining the Church as a society of people who believe in the Holy Trinity, United by a common hierarchy. Depending on the total number of Krasauskas you can talk about how much time is Holy baptism.

If the sacrament of baptism is performed on one person (with confirmation) it takes about forty minutes. This time is enough for the priest read the necessary prayers, and made the necessary rites. If Krasauskas more, for example, ten to fifteen people, then the baptism can take about an hour. This difference is caused by the fact that during the sacrament of baptism the priest over every krasowska performs a certain religious rite.

In addition, be aware that some clergy just before baptism or after it pronounce to people the parting word, which could take some time. In some churches baptismal catechetical read a small conversation, which occupies an hour or an hour and a half. Thus, on average it is the sacrament of baptism may take 40-60 minutes, and in the case of catechetical talks and a sermon can take up to two and a half hours in the temple to receive the Holy sacrament.