Gifts for a christening for the baby

Godparents, especially, give a baby christening cross. It does not matter be it gold, silver, aluminum or wood. Even the most simple cross, for the child will be protected.

At baptism man is born again to live a righteous life with the Lord, but because the godparents will certainly give him new clothes. The obligatory gift from a godmother is a white baptismal gown. It is better that it was made by hand and decorated with delicate white embroidery. In this case it will be the memory on all subsequent human life. Also definitely given a new, decorated with valances towels.

Long been a tradition to give at christenings a silver spoon. This gift also, as a rule, give the godparents.

Baptism is primarily a religious holiday, so gifts should carry spiritual meaning. You can give a personalized icon, a children's Bible and other sacred books.

Among the best gifts for babies – a blanket, bedding or toys, as of clothes, they grow up really fast. You can embroider on the blanket or towel a prayer for the baby. Of course, it's hard work, but such a gift will be stored for the rest of his life.

If the donor is not the godfather, he can give any baby things – for example, playpen, baby highchair, etc.

Of course, this celebratory day to congratulate the parents of the baby. They can give flowers, fruit basket and sweets, a beautiful album of old Russian icon painting.

Gifts for adult baptism

A grown man consciously comes to a decision to be baptized and with a deep understanding of the Sacrament. Adult godson should also give a baptismal godson, a personalized icon, baptismal shirt. You can embroider the neckline and cuffs of shirts, the most preferred are gold threads.

For baptism is usually followed by a festive lunch with tea. The most original gift for your godson will be a samovar, though, of course, you can give a beautiful teapot or tea set.

The gifts of the cross

Of course, gifts are made not only to the godchild, but godparent. You can give embroidery, a decorative panel or picture on the theme of the holiday. The parents want godparents have always been able to help the child and maintain him, and this requires that they have lived a long life and not hurt. Therefore, it becomes tradition to give them warm clothes, for example, shawls, scarves and sweaters.

The sacrament of Baptism in Orthodoxy and Catholicism are different from each other, though they bear the same spiritual meaning. In Catholicism mandatory gift for a godson is a candle that remains with you for life. For the first time it is lit at the baptism, then first communion and wedding.

Baptism is a bright, unforgettable holiday, imposes its imprint on all subsequent human life. Therefore, the choice of a gift for a baptism is a very meaningful and responsible affair.