To disable a service that provides unlimited Internet in several ways. For example, on the official website of MTS by selecting on the main page, the tab "Help and service". In the window that opens scroll to the "self service channels" and select "Internetassistant". You will have to enter your phone number without eights and password, which will give the right to access.
The password is 6-10 character combination, which must contain at least one number, one lowercase and one uppercase letter of the Latin alphabet. Send it from your mobile phone as SMS, which should look like this: 25 (space) password. If you three times enter the wrong password, it will be blocked. In this case, you will have to come up with a new combination of letters and numbers. Clicking on "Login" and proceed according to the instructions of the navigation.
Another way to disable the unlimited Internet can be. Click on the main page of the official website of MTS tab "Internet and TV". In the window that opens find the category you're interested in, for example, "Internet phone". Suppose you need to disable the mobile Internet is the tariff option "BIT". Click on the appropriate section, select "More" then "How to enable/disable". Your attention will be given several ways to turn off, from which you can choose the most convenient: send SMS to a short number or a certain combination of numbers.
Another way to disconnect from the service, providing unlimited Internet is to contact customer services of MTS, typing on a mobile phone number 0890. Wait for a response from the operator of the call center and follow its recommendations. You can also ask your question online on the official website of MTS. Click on any section of the main page, and select "Ask a question".