You will need
  • computer;
  • set MTS to access the Internet (modem and tariff plan);
  • - the mobile phone.
Select one of the four sets of MTS. The kit includes a modem and a special tariff. This may be a "MTS-connect", "MTSconnect-2", "MTSconnect-3" and "MTSconnect-4". Please note that the latest, most advanced, markedly different from the first three.
Select tariff option for your modem. This may be Internet access with no monthly payment (just for the modemand set the "MTSconnect-4"), "Bezlimit-Mini", "Bezlimit-Maxi", "Bezlimit-Super" or "Bezlimit-the VIP".
If you have no need to use access to the Internet, disconnect the modemby calling by phone *111*2180*2# (if plan "Bezlimit-Mini"), *111*2188*2# (when plan "Bezlimit-Maxi"), *111*575*2# (when plan "Bezlimit-Super") or *111*748*2# (if plan "Bezlimit-the VIP").
Disconnect the modem by sending SMS to 111 with text 21800, if you have "Bezlimit-Mini", 21880, if you have "Bezlimit-Maxi", 5750, if you have "Bezlimit-Super", or with the text 7480, if you have "Bezlimit-the VIP".
Dial command to activate or deactivate: *111*2180# - to set "Bezlimit-Mini", *111*2188# - to set "Bezlimit-Maxi", *111*575# - to set "Bezlimit-Super" or *111*748# - to set "Bezlimit-the VIP". Follow the instructions of autoinformer.
Unplug the modem MTSusing the Internet assistant on the official website of the company.