You will need
  • - passport
  • - mobile gadget
MTS subscribers can turn off the Internet in several ways. First, you can use a so-called mobile assistant. Activate the keyboard on your smartphone or mobile phone, dial the combination 0890 and hit the call button. After a few moments you will answer answer. Listen to the recording to end, then hit the necessary numbers for the appropriate service.
You can directly contact any active employee of MTS. Call the contact centre of MTS on number 0890 and wait for a response specialist. As soon as he responds, tell him that you want to block the Internet on your phone. After you will need to answer some simple questions. Any money off to balance your needs – this service is absolutely free.
If you have the service "Bits" or "Superbit", to turn off the Internet you enough to send the combination of the number "9950" or "6280", respectively to the short number 111. Sending messages for free.
Not the most comfortable but the most reliable method of blocking the Internet is to apply personally to any nearby office of the company of MTS. With them you will need to have proof of identity. Inform the employee of your problem and phone number and he without delay turn off the Internet. To go to the office, it can be useful also for the reason that you will be able to check availability connected without your knowledge paid services – MTS sin these quite often.
If you are using a 3G modem to access the network from your tablet or laptop, in addition to the above procedures to disable the Internet connection, you can simply remove the gadget settings check the "mobile Internet" or block unwanted SIMcard.