Today, the smartphone is almost every user. Their main difference from ordinary phones is the ability to access the Internet. Therefore, MTS offers subscribers new service – MTS Minibit. It is also suitable for owners of tablets and to connect the computer via modem. What is its peculiarity?

Connection and cost

What is Minibit on MTS? It is a service with traffic that is updated daily. MTS, connect this option, receive 75 MB of Internet traffic every day. In this case the payment is 200 rubles per month. But there is one caveat – Minibit is valid only in the home region. If you travel outside of the region, which was connected to your SIM card, this option disappears.

To connect this service it is possible on MTS site in the dashboard, or dial *252# on your phone. After connecting the money from the account will be debited once a month. But if you run out of traffic, then you will automatically connect additional 30 MB for 3 rubles a day. At the same time before the end of the traffic you'll receive a notification on your phone.


If you decide to use this service, remember that the option Minibit MTS has features. Its value must specify the operator, it may differ depending on the region.

The service provides unlimited Internet access, but traffic still has its limits, beyond which you cannot go. In addition, each option competes with each other and there is no way to connect them at the same time.

Despite the fact that Minibit is a rather profitable services, perhaps at some point it will no longer satisfy you. How then to disable Minibit on MTS? To make it easy. To deactivate dial the following combination: *111*628*2#. To perform the operation through a Personal account on the MTS website, or by calling the operator.

This service has its advantages and disadvantages. First, the option has a certain value. Second, the operator provides only 10 MB per day. For some users of this volume will not be enough.

Minibit is perfect for you if you use a smartphone for a short surf, and most of the time use the Internet at home or at work. Therefore, the service can be described as very individual, suitable mainly for serious business people. But students should find something else.