If you are a subscriber of MTS mobile company to disable "Beep" you can do the following. Enter from your mobile phone USSD-command: *111*29#, and then press send call. Then, within a few minutes the service will be disabled.
In addition to disable "Beep" you can use the "Internet assistant". Go to your personal account on the official website of MTS.
Keep in mind, to enter the "Internet assistant" you need to dial from your phone *111*25# and press the call button. Wait for the response message with the password. Then enter it along with your phone number in the space provided and you will be taken to your account where you will be able not only to disable the beep, but also to manage any other services available to you.
Being a subscriber of the cellular company "the Megaphone" to disable the beep on the phone in the following ways. For starters, learn more about this service by calling the toll free number or 0550 0770. Listen to the beginning a voice message, then press on the keypad of the mobile unit number "4" and follow the services of the answering machine. Remember, for you to be able to call on these numbers, your phone must operate in tone mode, and you have to be in the range of a network.
To deactivate the service "Replace hooter" dial USSD-command: *111*29# and press the call button. Either send a free message with text "1" to the short number 0770.
In that case, if you have activated the service "Replace hooter" through the official website of "MegaFon", there you can disable. To do this, follow the link, enter your username and password. Once you get to the page control service, send it a request to disconnect.
Remember to deactivate the service "Replace hooter", you can through the self-service system "Service-Guide" that allows you to control various options and services provided by cellular operator "MegaFon".