You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - passport;
  • office mobile company.
If you are a subscriber of the cellular network "MTS", to disable "Beep" on your phone you can one of the following methods. Send USSD-request *111*29#, press the call key and follow the instructions. Call 0500, provided that you are in the home region. Take advantage of a "Mobile assistant" typing from your phone the following number: 00222151. If possible, access the network, you can disable the "Beep" through the "Internet assistant" logging on to the official page of the company "MTS" and clicking on the appropriate link. You can also contact the operator-clock help Desk number 0890 or visit the salon-the representative office of "MTS" in your city.
If the sim card your phone is serviced by the operator "MegaFon", to disable "Beep", then dial the number 0770 and follow the voice prompts. In addition, you can call information referral service 0500 and automatically or with operator assistance to disable this option. Taking advantage of the system "Service-Guide", in which you can enter from the official page of the provider, you can also disable the service "Beep". Another possibility to solve this problem is to visit a salon-representations of the operator "MegaFon" in your city.
If you are a subscriber of the mobile network of "Beeline", disable the service "Hello" (so she called the operator) by dialing 0674090770. Also you can do it in "dashboard mobile communications" on the company's website or contact the network operator by number 0622. The expert of salon of communication "Beeline" in your city will help you to solve this problem.
Using a sim card of the mobile company "Tele2", to disable "Beep" you can send from your phone: *115*0# and press the call button. Or call the helpdesk network: 611 and ask you to disable this option. Office visit Tele2 will also help you in solving the problem.