In that case, if you need to disable the "GOOD'ok" service, use your personal account or the "Internet Assistant" (both self-service systems are on the official website of the company "MTS"). You can also deactivate the service by dialling a short number *111*29#. In addition, for management services there is a service called "Mobile assistant" (to use it, please dial 111). The procedure to deactivate the service "GOOD'ok" is free, however, is best done at the end of the month (if disconnect first, then the melody disappears, but for the use of money from the account will still be written off).
Subscribers of this operator can not cancel the service, but you can unsubscribe at any ringtone. It is enough to send from your mobile phone an SMS message with the text "END space code of the melody". In addition, subscribers available and private office. You can get to it, if you go to the web portal of the service or if call to the customer service Department 0550.
Some time after disconnection of services you may again want to activate it. It will be easy. You must score one of the rooms designed for calls: 9505 or 0550. Besides them you are always available USSD-request *111*28#, and similar to the command *111*29#.
To manage the service and to edit them there is the already mentioned system of the "Internet Assistant". To use it, go to "MTS", find the tab, (its hard to miss, because it is highlighted in red) and click on it. The connection "Beep" operator will debit your account the amount of 50 rubles and 30 kopecks. Each subsequent month the service will be updated and the balance of the money will be deducted automatically if you do not previously unplug the "GOOD'ok"service.