To disable the service "GOOD'ok" users can visit the official website of the company and to use the self-service "Internet Assistant" or personal account (he is also on the website). In addition, disabling "dial Tone" is possible due to the short USSD-number *111*29#. By the way, subscribers of the operator "MTS" don't forget about the service called "Mobile assistant". In order to use it, just call the short number 111. Please note, the procedure to disable the "Beep" completely free, however, it is recommended to spend the last days of the month. The fact is that when you deactivate in the beginning of the month for a service, you will still be charged for another month, although in fact your service will be disabled.
In addition, all users have a failure, not only from the services but from a single subscription to any established melody. To send the rejection, dial on your mobile phone an SMS message containing the text END and the code of the melody (between them, put a space). As for disabling services, and at the completion of the subscription, the subscriber can use your personal account. To enter, go to the Internet site of the service "GOOD'ok" You can also call customer service by dialing a short number 0550.
If some time after the deactivation of the services you'll want to plug it in, then you can easily done using a 0550 or 9505 (they are intended for calls from mobile phones). Besides these, there are also a number of USSD-request *111*28# and *111*29#.