You will need
  • phone
  • Internet
There are several ways to manage the service "Replace hooter" from the operator "MegaFon". Call voice menu this service by dialing 0770 or 0550. The call is free, use it also to know what "Change your dial tone" and how to connect it. Listen to the beginning of the voice message and press 4 on the telephone keypad, follow the instructions of the system. To call these numbers, your phone must operate in tone mode, and you must be in range of your home switch. Refer to instructions from your phone.
To disable the service "Replace hooter" by using USSD-request. Dial *111*29# and press "Call". Now instead of ringing you will be regular horn.
Send SMS-message to short number 0770 with text "1". Message for free.
If you have installed this service using the website www.zamenigoodok.megafon.ruthere is also possible to disable it. Follow the link, enter your username and password to log in to the page management service "Replace hooter". From this page, send a request to disconnect the service.
Disable "Change your dial tone" through the self-service system "Service-Guide", which allows you to disable or enable the various options and services with their mobile phone. On the website you can connect the Service Guide, and then disable ringtone "Change your dial tone" will be through the Internet or a voice message.
If you want to disable the service "Replace hooter" only for a time, for example, while you will be on a business trip or vacation, it is not necessary to completely disable this service. MegaFon offers to suspend its action, and when you suspend the service "Replace hooter" 90 days subscription fee is not charged. To suspend the service, please call 0770 and follow the automated voice menu. Suspend "Change your dial tone" can be no more than once per day.
In the case that the service "Replace hooter" was automatically connected with the service "Kaleidoscope", if SIM is activated, you must disable the "Kaleidoscope". Go to phone menu, select MegaFonPRO. Look for "Kaleidoscope", click "Settings" and select "Disable".