You will need
  • the phone connected to the MTS. Computer with Internet access.
You can select the sound solution for your phone the official website of MTS, dial on your mobile *111*28# or call on 0550 and choose any motive. Connection service GOOD'ok costs 50 rubles 30 kopecks. All melodies can be set for a specific day, at the right time of day, to a group of subscribers, all at once, or just one caller.
If you have activated the service "call Waiting" song you will hear only the first caller on the second line will be only the standard ringing. Long beeps will be and if the line is busy. In addition, GOOD'ok does not take effect when forwarding calls to another number.
You can put your own songs instead of beep by using the "Upload your GOOD'ok" in "personal Cabinet" on the official website of MTS. Audioframes should last at least 2 and no more than 40 seconds. After downloading it is moderated within 1 to 5 days. Personal content for the GOOD'ok service is billed separately (90 rubles 60 kopecks).
Also the service GOOD'ok you can connect to a mobile music program "Svoya volna" and to use instead long beeps melodies chosen genre, which once a week will be automatically updated. You can set your own music channel for everyone, for groups of rooms or for a certain time. The connection to "the wave" is worth 29 rubles 99 kopecks for each thematic channel on a weekly basis.