Ways to manage the service "Replace hooter" from the cellular operator "the Megaphone" there are several. To find out what this service is and how to connect, call the toll free number or 0770 0550. Then, after listening to the beginning of the voice message, press on the keypad of your mobile device "4" and follow the services of auto. According to the call numbers you have to be in the range of a network, and your phone should work in the tone mode.
To disable the service "Replace hooter", use the USSD-request. To do this, type on the keyboard of your mobile phone: *111*29# and press the call button. After that, your tune will be replaced by a conventional dial tone.
In addition, to deactivate the service send a free sms with text "1" to the short number 0770.
If you have activated the service "Replace hooter" through the website there you can disable. To do this, by clicking on the link, enter your username and password. You will then be taken to the page to manage the service, and send the request to disconnect.
In addition to disable the service "Replace hooter", you can through the self-service system "Service-Guide", allows you to control various options and services provided by cellular operator "MegaFon". To do this, go to the website
If you do not want to disable the service "Replace hooter" at all, and only at that time, for example, while you will be on vacation or on a business trip, you can do it for a certain period. Mobile operator MegaFon offers its subscribers to suspend the service for a period of 3 months, and the monthly fee will not be charged. For suspending the service "Replace hooter" call the toll free number 0770 and follow the voice prompts. Suspension of services is possible no more than once per day.
If you activate the sim card the service "Replace hooter" was connected automatically with the service "Kaleidoscope", disable "Kaleidoscope". To do this go to menu of your mobile phone, select MegaFonPRO, click on "Kaleidoscope", then "Settings" and select "Disable".