Dial on the keypad of your mobile phone the following combination: *111*29# then press the call key. This service message is a short code to deactivate MTS "Beep". If the operation is successful, you will receive an SMS confirming the deactivation of the service.
Use the service "Internet assistant" MTS, whose website is located at: Follow this link, enter in the fields your phone number and password. If you have no password, use the tips to get placed on the home page of the assistant. He's coming to your phone in an SMS message.
To set a password, dial from your phone dial *111*25# or call 1115 and follow the instructions of autoinformer. Log in to my account, in the services section, you will be able to disable the service MTS "Beep".
Contact the helpdesk operator of cellular communication company MTS toll free number 0890. Notify us of your intention to cancel the service "Beep". In that case, if you disable it on the wrong number from which you call us, you will have to call the passport details of the person you turn off the "Beep".
Use the mobile assistant MTS. Dial on the keypad of your phone short number 0022. Follow the step by step instructions of auto that will help you to disable "Beep".
Visit your nearest salon cellular MTS. Ask for help with a request to deactivate the "Beep". To carry out this operation you will need to call the phone number and present the passport of the person who owns the phone number.