You will need
  • - mobile phone with a positive account balance.
Disable the service "Hello", typing on the keyboard of phone number 0674090770. Click "Call". All of the selected tunes and settings will be deactivated, but within 180 days you can re-activate the service by calling the number 0770.
Refuse replacement service beep on a melody calling free 0550. Follow the instructions of autoinformer. After listening to all possible options, press 4. The following voice menu, press 1 on the keypad of your phone. The service will be disabled.
Call to number 0611 and tell the helpdesk operator "Beeline" situation. Ask him to manually disable the service "Melody". If necessary, report the data required by the operator. The service will be disabled.
Contact person in the nearest salon of communication company "Beeline". Ask the counselor to help you. If necessary, submit a document proving the identity. The service "Hello" will be disabled immediately.
Disable the service on the official website of the operator "Beeline". Open a browser and in the address bar enter Click in the top right corner the link "Get password" if you are not registered in the system, enter the phone number and verification code and click on the yellow button "Get password".
Type in your phone number in the Phone field without the prefix (+7, 7, or 8) and obtained on the phone number the password. Hit "Enter". In the right column "Your account", find "control Panel". In the "Personal" replace "default tone" to "Normal ringing". Save the changes. The melody will be replaced by the usual beeps.
If you use the services of the operator "Beeline-Ukraine", disable the service "D-jingle", which replaces the horn on the melody. Go to "my account" or get it on the website by clicking to "Register" and following the instructions. In a personal account, look on the settings and the name of the service "D-jingle". Click "Disable". In addition, you can temporarily deactivate the service by sending a message 08 to 465, or disable altogether, sending 012 to the same number 465.