One of the easiest ways is to set the special service numbers. Enough on your phone to dial 0770 and the call button call. This number allows you to call the automatic operator menu, where with navigate you can disable the horn on the Megaphone.
To disable the service "Replace hooter", MegaFon offers another service number. Room service - 0550. After dialing the subscriber also enters the automatic service dialing 4421, it can disable the ring tone.
If you have the opportunity to access the Internet, then it would be useful to register in the system "Service-Guide". It will provide an opportunity not only to disconnect and connect additional services, but also to make transfers. To register go to the website In the opened window enter your number and then fill in the fields for registration. The password will be sent to your mobile phone. After registration to deactivate the service "MegaFon beep" you need to click on the link "supplementary services". And then find the desired service and click disable.
You can disable the service through the personal Cabinet. To do this, go to the website operator, to register. The password can be obtained by typing the command *105*00#. After registering for the call will be available personal page, which displays all useful data. To deactivate "Beep" you need to click on the tab "Services and tariffs" and there deactivate the option.