Advice 1: What is the meaning of kissing

Kiss is a habitual action which has long been no surprise. People constantly kiss each other on the cheek when meeting or parting. But few know the significance of this ritual.
What is the meaning of kissing

The origin of the kiss

Some people wonder where did the tradition of kissing? To find out how did kissing impossible, scientists make the assumption that history started with a kiss mother-to-child, after all, when people lived in tribes, the adults feeding children from the mouth, as there was no fixtures for drinking.

It is not easy to deal with the kissing because the Russians "kiss" meant only a light touch on the lips, and the connection of tongues and mouths to feed meant the word "kiss." Russian kiss each other in the eye when she broke up and the Romans as a greeting. Eskimos on a strong frost rubbing noses against each other, afraid to obotrite lips.
The French kiss on the cheek when meeting, even those people who barely know each other.

Depending on the situation there are many shades of kisses: on the cheek, forehead, hand, lips, nose and eyes, shoulder, head or neck. In the definition of kiss is touch lips to someone or something, trying to Express love, affection, recognition or gratitude. It is very interesting that kisses are different: passionate, loving, friendly, gentle, family, hot, long, caring, farewell, depending on who they give them (girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, relative), and under what circumstances.

The value of a kiss

The neck is sensitive and erogenous zone. Kiss men in this place expresses a desire to have a woman. The gentle kiss acts stimulating.

The lips and tongue are sensory receptors that respond to touch. Kiss on the lips expresses love, light and delicate means respect. Soft, clenched lips — the kiss of a child or spouse, have lived together for a long time, "French kiss" — the desire, passion and intimacy partner.

Kiss on the forehead - a sign of care and parental care, patronage. If a woman kisses the forehead of a man, she supports and protects him.
A kiss on the nose means sympathy and trust, so kiss people to whom you feel love and affection.

A kiss usually send girls, it can be seen as flirting or wanting to attract the attention of men.

Kissed you in the eye is a sign of romantic love, sympathy and consolation.

A kiss on the hand speaks of the chivalry of the gentleman, and the hair of loyalty and affection. If a man kisses you in the stomach, it means that he wants kids.

A kiss on the cheek - the expression of friendship and warmth, but it can be cold, noncommittal.

Kissing can be quite different. It's one thing when a man hugs a woman, gently kisses my cheek and looks into his eyes, and quite another - if you just "smacking".

Advice 2 : The kisses are different: the values of kisses

What could be more romantic first kiss! No matter how much time you spent together, it will be remembered forever. But what will it be: easy and gentle, or hot and passionate? And, in General, to understand the meaning of one or another kind of kiss?
The kisses are different: the values of kisses

Light and frivolous

The first kiss between partners even during Dating – a kiss on the hand. This gesture says about respect for the girl, and also shows good manners men. Such a kiss can be a simple manifestation of chivalry, and the expression of the desire of men to touch, finally, to the object of their dreams lips.

Another kiss, which can be interpreted in two ways – a kiss on the cheek. It can be a sign of gratitude or sympathy, and sometimes says that a man kicking the tires and trying to understand whether the girl to move closer. After all, not everyone dares at once and kiss friend in lips! By the way, from Europe came the fashion for kisses on the cheek exchanged at the meeting. As a rule, this gesture is performed by touching of cheeks, in fact, even without the kiss. The European kiss on the cheek means nothing, besides the usual "Hello."

Shy and gentle

The next stage is the kisses a little more serious. Sometimes, a man can easily smacking a friend on the lips, literally, barely touching her. Such a kiss can mean much more than it seems. After all, if you kiss on the lips, the border is purely friendly relationship has clearly passed. Besides, there are people who just don't know how to talk about their feelings. For them, instead of the phrase "I had a great night with you" or "I like you", simply innocently kiss a girl on the lips – it speaks for itself.

But a timid kiss on the lips from a quick and short and very different. This kind of affection suggests that partner wants to go further in your relationship, but not resolved for more action. And that's how you react to this timid kiss, and will depend on the course of your future meetings.

Ardent and passionate

There are kisses that speak of the desire of the partner to continue the evening with something more serious than a romantic walk in the Park or a candlelight dinner. A kiss to the base of the neck, for example, can be interpreted as "I want you." If your partner kisses you aggressively, literally filled the entire mouth with his tongue in his intentions there is no doubt. Moreover, it can be concluded that the man had opened quite strongly. But if he starts to kiss her lips, and then moves on to the cheeks, neck, ears, gradually kissing all the girl's face, such a technique is said about the intention to convey the passionate mood of its second half.
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