Usually guys have their own preferences. Someone who likes jerky and passionate kisses, and someone a long and gentle. In order to understand the preferences of your boyfriend, you should try several types of sex. To start, try the simple kiss. Go to your man, touch him and gently touch lips to his cheek, then just as easily and barely touching, lean against his lips. Making such subtle caresses, you will be able to call some guys a rush of tenderness and care, because they think that they plunged into childhood, when the kissed their mother.
The next step can be a long and gentle kiss. For this you will need to cover the lips of the guy with his and gently massaged alternately top and bottom. Touch must be light, the mouth is completely relaxed, and the movement from the upper to the lower lip nice and smooth. If your beloved will be addicted to this game and will take further initiative itself, mean that he likes it. If it will be not enough, try the next, more intimate option.
Kiss my boyfriend more passionately, with a deep dive. When your tongues begin to intertwine in unison, your young man will feel a surge of passion and desire to become even closer. Some men prefer this type of foreplay because while subconsciously they possess not only your language, but you. If your guy caught the kiss and continued it with an even deeper intensity, means that you guessed, and he likes to kiss that way.
If you start to notice that your beloved is something missing, try in a gentle or deep kiss to make a little suck a lip movement. Some guys, feeling such affection, losing my head in anticipation of more intense continue. Perhaps your young man dreamed of such kisses.
In addition, representatives of the stronger sex are very excite tender touch of lips to neck or shoulders. These places are erogenous zones in humans, so these fondling themselves as if hinting at the forthcoming an intimate relationship.
When you kiss your lover, you need to carefully observe his reactions to your affection. If you're close, you will not be difficult to understand what kissing is like your guy.