You will need
  • computer;
  • - Microsoft Word.
Find it in the document page number. The figure may be on the bottom or top of a page, depending on what settings were specified by the user.
Highlight it, making it a double click with the left mouse button. As a result of these actions around the room field will appear separated from the text of the document with a dotted line. This will be the footer.
Click on the toolbar on the design tab, in the menu "Footer". Depending on which part of the page is a room, the footer will be bottom or top.
Click the drop-down menu, the "Delete header". After performing the actions header and footer along with page numbering be deleted throughout the document.
Use another method. Select figure double click to open footer. Then again make two clicks on the page number. Around it to form the blue box. Then hit the Delete key, and the numbering will disappear.
Very often there is a need to put down the number on the first page, but take it into account while numbering the whole document. To solve this problem, scroll to the footer on the first page as described above. Log to the tab "Design", select "page Number/Format page numbers".
In the resulting window check the box next to "Start with..." and select the number from which to begin the second page. This usually figure 2. Then click "OK".
Log back into the design tab and check the box next to "Special header / footer for the first page". After that, the default footer will be empty. Double-click on the text of your document and you will see that the number on the first page is not checked, and the whole numbering of the document starts with the second.