You will need
  • text editor Microsoft Word
Download the MS Word text editor. Any version of the program, starting with the 2003 release. In the top menu bar locate the "Insert" tab. Before your eyes appears a list with numerous functions for inserting various objects. Locate and click "page Numbers". There a small window which is called "page Numbers".
Decide which part of the page will be the next room. To do this, select the arrow to the desired item in the columns "Position" and "Alignment". Also check the box next to "Number on first page" if you want he was there.
At the bottom of the window click the "Format". A new window will open the "Format page number" where you will be able to use the extra functions on how to put page numbering in word. Number format you can select the most diverse, ranging from standard Arabic numerals, and ending in Latin letters and Roman numerals. If you want to include the Chapter number, then tick the desired item and adjust the arrows heading style. The latest is a graph "page Numbering", where you specify which pages will be numbered as sheets of the document.