Open the document in Microsoft Word 2010 by double-clicking on a docx file or doc. You can also access your file via the program menu by running it through start - All programs - Microsoft Office 2010 – Microsoft Word 2010. After this you need to click on the tab "File" - "Open" and specify the path to the desired document.
Go to the Insert tab of the top toolbar of the application. Opens menu items to add to the page. Note the section "header and Footer" right side of the Word window. In this block, click on "page Number".
After clicking on the button will open the selection menu of numbering options. If you select "Top of page", all numbering will be displayed at the top of the page of the document. If you select "Bottom of page" numbering will appear within the footer. To specify the numbers on the side of the sheet, select the "fields"page.
After that, set the placement options room page. You can choose any of the listed templates of the display font. After you select the desired item, the editor will automatically number the document.
After adding the header, you also will see options section Design. There you will be able to customize the formatting of the numbering on odd or even pages. To disable the numbering for the title page, in the section "the Designer" select "a Special footer for the first page".