You will need
  • The new engine, a car with a set of records and time to gather all the necessary documents and pay the state fee.
Take the documents to the new engine, including the certificate account and technical documentation. Turn to your police Department at the place of registration of the vehicle. Fill out an application for replacement of the engine in your car. You need to get a resolution on this statement that the traffic police directs you to a certified diagnostic center for examination of a new unit.
Come to the center for diagnosis with the already installed new engine, a statement and documents from STO. STO should pre-mount the engine in your car. The result of this trip should be a conclusion on the compliance of your vehicle the applicable standards. The conclusion is a diagnostic card, which States that the vehicle meets all the requirements, including requirements of safety and fit for use.
Go with all of these documents with the registration authority at the place of registration and become an on site inspection. Next, go through the normal procedure of re-registration of the vehicle. That is, the filing statement, which specifies the reason for re-registration (changing the engine), pass a vehicle inspection, pay the registration fee.
Come to the window of registration of title (passport technical means), where you within 5-10 minutes make in the data sheet new data to your engine.