You will need
  • - a set of documents for removal of vehicle from the register in connection with the disposal;
  • - actions to locate a buyer.
To remove the machine from the register in connection with the disposal must apply to the subdivision of the traffic police at the place of its registration. Itself the car in this case to provide for the inspection is not necessary. Quite a statement, passport, receipt for payment of registration fee, vehicle documents (registration certificate and registration) and license plates. Rooms and documents on the car are subject to availability.
If you go to documents on the number units of utilized cars, for example, the engine will have to provide them to the traffic police for inspection.
You can first find a buyer through ads on specialized sites and in the media and to discuss the price and sale details. In particular, when and who should deliver the car to the agreed place or to take away from the point of its current deployment.
A contract is not required: it is officially car already as such, no. Enough to exchange money for the car. However, for robustness it is advisable to exchange receipts or statements of absence of mutual claims.
In the presence of mutual obligations related to the transaction, reliable also to fix them in writing. Standard contract and samples of other documents can be found on the Internet or seek assistance in the drafting to a lawyer.