Advice 1: How to clear car for parts

When you import a vehicle from abroad, its owner must go through a rather lengthy and unpleasant procedure of customs clearance. At this moment there may be unforeseen problems with the paperwork or the payment of state fees. It is especially hard to deal with the procedure of customs clearance when the vehicle you purchased to parse into parts.
How to clear car for parts
To clear the entire car of spare parts will not work, as in this case, you must present separately the car body and the engine, even if the vehicle is faulty. When customs clearance of the vehicle for spares body and motor must be separated from each other.
How to clear of the body iomarkirppending customs authorities that you are going to enter into the country of the foreign body of the car. It must be done in writing, making a special notification letter sample available on the stand.
Pay the specified customs bodies of the Deposit. This must be done to confirm their intentions. It is necessary to know that all the money that is paid as collateral subsequently added to the total amount, which is necessary for customs payment in this case. In the case where the Deposit was paid, but the body is not brought into the country, the paid amount will be returned to the owner within three years from the date of payment with a written statement of the owner.Wesite the body of the vehicle on the territory of the country.
Deliver the body to the customs and go to the checkout process. Identify the parts and to the customs authorities grant a certificate to exercise control over the whole delivery process. Sign a contract on the placement of the body for storage at a warehouse located at the customs point. Before signing such a Treaty, the customs inspector shall together inspect the parts arrived.
Report to the day on which the customs clearance at the customs where the body. Take a queue and give the customs officer a delivery notification. Wait for the expert evaluation of the body and get your hands on the act of customs inspection of the body.
Pay all required payments. Remember, a specific assessment will have to pay import duties, which is 15% of the total and 18% VAT. Submit the payment receipt in the appropriate box.
Get all the documents on the body, take his warehouse and the procedure of customs clearance will be considered complete.

Advice 2 : How to sell a car for parts

If you sell a car on spare parts (the car not on the move, very broken, etc.) to remove it from the register is not required. But it is better to do it yourself before or after sale, without relying on buyer's (a few will take on a bureaucratic hassle). The deregistration will eliminate the need to pay vehicle tax.
How to sell a car for parts
You will need
  • - a set of documents for removal of vehicle from the register in connection with the disposal;
  • - actions to locate a buyer.
To remove the machine from the register in connection with the disposal must apply to the subdivision of the traffic police at the place of its registration. Itself the car in this case to provide for the inspection is not necessary. Quite a statement, passport, receipt for payment of registration fee, vehicle documents (registration certificate and registration) and license plates. Rooms and documents on the car are subject to availability.
If you go to documents on the number units of utilized cars, for example, the engine will have to provide them to the traffic police for inspection.
You can first find a buyer through ads on specialized sites and in the media and to discuss the price and sale details. In particular, when and who should deliver the car to the agreed place or to take away from the point of its current deployment.
A contract is not required: it is officially car already as such, no. Enough to exchange money for the car. However, for robustness it is advisable to exchange receipts or statements of absence of mutual claims.
In the presence of mutual obligations related to the transaction, reliable also to fix them in writing. Standard contract and samples of other documents can be found on the Internet or seek assistance in the drafting to a lawyer.
Disposed of according to traffic police car again to put on record is impossible. But the plans of the interior Ministry as of the summer of 2011 was to enter into future service cancellation of registration, after which restore the account will be possible.

Advice 3 : How to clear a car from the Ukraine

How many people dream about a car, saving up money and waiting for the moment when they will get a great vehicle, when you can sit in the car and to ride around town, bring it your friends and family to impress employees and just feel really the comfort of the drive. Usually people buy such cars abroad and often face one big problem – the customs clearance of cars imported to Russia.
How to clear a car from the Ukraine
Notify in written form the customs authorities that you are going to import a car from Ukraine. In this case it must be done in advance, a few days before the car will be imported.

Receive the receipt of Deposit. Such actions require the customs authorities to do to ensure that they were confident in your intentions.
Deposit account MATP (Moscow motor transportation customs post) or by MOTP (Moscow regional motor transportation customs post) bail. It is necessary to know that paid as Deposit money in later will be considered for payment of all customs duties and taxes when placing the car. The total amount of such fees depends on the car (trucks, cars) and its technical characteristics. In case, if you import a car you change your mind, the money paid as a Deposit, you can claim back by filing a written statement. Refunds will be made custom for three years.
Wesite vehicle on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Bring your car in MOTP or MATP, arriving in advance to the customs office and stood in line.

Pay all the customs duties.
Identify your car. Imagine the customs authorities the certificate of control over the delivery of the car, appearing at the appointed time to the post on cars that require registration.
Position the vehicle at the temporary storage warehouse, having concluded the contract with the customs authorities.
Complete inspection of the car with the customs inspector, who must reveal some information about the vehicle, examined it and the engine (the year of issue, mileage, engine size, customs value, etc.).

Produce, if necessary, an expert evaluation of the car.
Get the IVC (certificate of temporary import of the vehicle) and PTS (the vehicle passport).
The car cleared the vehicle at the disposal of the owner, you can feel free to explore the different regions of our country and not only.

Advice 4 : How to clear of the vehicle

In order to clear of the vehicle on the territory of Russia must be executed in accordance with established procedures, a number of documents and to pay certain duties and provide documents for payment (list of documents can be found on the website of any company that offers services for customs clearance of cars).
How to clear of the vehicle

This procedure is often very long and complex, this is due to litigation-related documents, however, if you want you can use the services of specialists that can take care of all the hassle associated with the correct registration of primary documents.

It is worth remembering that to clear the owner will have any car, even if it is imported to Russia only for a short period of time. This rule is established by the current legislation and is mandatory for compliance.

To fulfill the procedure of registration of transport documents, it is necessary to pay – the so-called aggregate customs payment without making registration impossible.

In order to properly clear of the vehicle, will be required to pay in a timely manner. In accordance with established procedures, the deadline is one day after the car crossed the customs border.

Certain rules exist for physical and legal persons. As a rule, state fee for registration of the vehicle is significantly higher, it is composed of several parameters and is calculated individually. Individuals pay for the car in accordance with the applicable rates, which are uniform. A very convenient means of calculating the amount of the fee is calculator program that allows you to set the size of the payment.

Every day in Russia arrive from Russia leaving thousands of cars in Ukraine, Belarus and other countries, all of them is mandatory the procedure of registration of transport documents.

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