To clear the entire car of spare parts will not work, as in this case, you must present separately the car body and the engine, even if the vehicle is faulty. When customs clearance of the vehicle for spares body and motor must be separated from each other.
How to clear of the body iomarkirppending customs authorities that you are going to enter into the country of the foreign body of the car. It must be done in writing, making a special notification letter sample available on the stand.
Pay the specified customs bodies of the Deposit. This must be done to confirm their intentions. It is necessary to know that all the money that is paid as collateral subsequently added to the total amount, which is necessary for customs payment in this case. In the case where the Deposit was paid, but the body is not brought into the country, the paid amount will be returned to the owner within three years from the date of payment with a written statement of the owner.Wesite the body of the vehicle on the territory of the country.
Deliver the body to the customs and go to the checkout process. Identify the parts and to the customs authorities grant a certificate to exercise control over the whole delivery process. Sign a contract on the placement of the body for storage at a warehouse located at the customs point. Before signing such a Treaty, the customs inspector shall together inspect the parts arrived.
Report to the day on which the customs clearance at the customs where the body. Take a queue and give the customs officer a delivery notification. Wait for the expert evaluation of the body and get your hands on the act of customs inspection of the body.
Pay all required payments. Remember, a specific assessment will have to pay import duties, which is 15% of the total and 18% VAT. Submit the payment receipt in the appropriate box.
Get all the documents on the body, take his warehouse and the procedure of customs clearance will be considered complete.