Watches worn on the wrist, not too high, but not grabbing the strap of the palm. Usually people wear watches on left hand, but most left-handers wear watches on the right hand. Also on the right wrist often wearing the watch traders, speculators in the currency market, major MPs, in a word, all the people who have planned any business, trading, transactions in specific minutes each hour.
Wrist watches should not be fully closed sleeve shirts, because they show status. Dark watch is well worn with dark bottom and bright top. Bright watches harmonize with almost any costume, except black and very dark.
Pay attention to watches that have a mechanical on the left side of the dial. This watch was created precisely in order to wear them on his right hand. Head winding and the right side tells about a classic watch worn on left wrist.
A very popular type of hours among men, especially in Europe – this pocket watch. Wear them only with suits or jackets, usually excluding jeans, t-shirts and casual, and youth clothing. Pocket watches never wear without a chain and FOB.
Chains can be attached on clothes or buttons. On the opposite end of the chain can be a stylish keychain. The material and color of the chain at least visually have to fit a pocket watch. Keychain put one inside pocket outerwear, and watches – in the other, thus unbuttoned jacket or coat chain will appear as a separate decoration.
The FOB may be of leather, then it is used separately from the chain, and can be used as the load, together with the chain.