Advice 1: How to know the size of the bracelet

The bracelet can be a great decoration for your wrists, forearms and ankles. In Russia the size of the bracelet is measured in inches. Simply measure the circumference of the hand or foot and add two centimeters. If you purchase a bracelet of base metal, in most cases, even if you have ordered the wrong size, you can change it. If you buy a bracelet in a jewelry store, you have to be prepared for what to exchange or return it, you can not.
How to know the size of the bracelet
If you are choosing a bracelet for yourself, take a dressmaker's cloth tape or a tape measure and measure them circumference of the arm at the level where you are going to wear the bracelet. To the resulting figure add two inches – this will be the size of your bracelet. Two inch stock that will allow you to easily fasten the bracelet and comfortable to wear without the risk of accidentally losing. For example, the circumference of the arm is 15 cm Add 2 and get 17 - the required size of the bracelet.
If you choose a bracelet for the watch, you need to measure the length of your watch from the shackle to the shackle and subtract it from the total length of your bracelet. This will size the bracelet for hours. Thus, if the girth of your wrist is sixteen centimetres long hours three inches, and the stock for a comfortable fit two inches, you will receive 16 cm + 2 cm – 3 cm = 15cm. Is 15 size.
By purchasing a bracelet as a gift, often want to make a surprise. In this case, it can be recommended to make use of some simple tricks:- tie on the hand of someone you going to please gift, thread or ribbon just for fun, save and measure it with a ruler;
- measure the length of an existing bracelet, together with a lock;
- if you have the opportunity, take the bracelet to a jewelry store where you are happy to measure and help you choose other;
consult with relatives - it will be easier to know the size of the bracelet without attracting suspicion on you. They can ask, what kind of decorations to prefer the person you want to make a gift.
If your gift is intended to the girl, ask her friend along with her to go to a jewelry store. There they can spend time considering jewellery designs, and your ally will be able to know for you size, not only the bracelet and also ring.
If you still afraid to make a mistake, it is better to choose a bracelet of a larger size consisting of links. This bracelet you can then reduce, if necessary, the jeweler to the desired length.
If you are still in doubt, maybe don't need surprises? Many jewelry stores, firms and even well-known jewellers offer to purchase a beautifully designed gift certificates.

Advice 2 : How to reduce ring size

Each ring, whether it be jewelry or fashion jewelry is fun, if used as intended, not lying quietly in the casket. Therefore, such a decoration should at the time to match the size of your finger.
How to reduce ring size
Many jewelry shops provide all standard services for the repair, but to change, and especially to reduce the size of the ring should be all the same deliberately. You need to:
To study the surface of the ring, because if it is smooth, then increase it can be even 3 sizes, but rings with different cuts and stones can't be resized.
To know the exact diameter of the finger on which you will be wearing this decoration, and its original size. Find time to visit any salon jewelry and try there samples sizes.
To try the samples you need when the hands are edematous, which may be caused due to hot weather, during illness, after exercise. Otherwise, you can make a mistake with the size.
You should learn more about jewelry shops that make different repair products. Prices for such services should not be too high. Use the recommendations of friends and advisers salons and consider several options.
Consult with two or three masters and find out about the upcoming procedure. To reduce the size of the ring can be compression that is suitable for products with a smooth surface. Uniform compression from all sides will help to avoid strain and provide the correct form. Another way is to cut the piece of metal that is subject to the availability of notches. Few are taken for the reduction of the ring engraved, which can be damaged.
If cutting metal can not be avoided, then it must be done near the sample, where it will be most unnoticed.
Remember that the repair of platinum occurs only on more expensive special equipment that can not afford all the workshops.
Stop the choice on the jewelry shop, where you talk about all kinds of risks and provide a guarantee of qualitative execution.

Advice 3 : How to know the size of the hand

The size of the hands it is important to know when buying gloves. Many are lost, buying them, for example, as a gift to family and friends. Here it is impossible to orientate themselves in growth or age of the person, because hands can be more plump or thin, regardless of the other dimensions of the person.
How to know the size of the hand
The size of gloves is determined by the size of the hand, which is the circumference of your palm at the widest point. It is well known that the hand that a more active person a little more than the other, so to measure the girth of a leading hand.
Take a tape measure or a string and grasp the palm of the leading hand in the place where they begin to palpable joints of the fingers. The thumb grab is not necessary. Write down the number and check with the size chart.
Size chart for women:
16.5 cm corresponds to 6-th size
17.5 cm - 6.5 size
19 cm - 7 size
20.5 cm - 7,5
22 cm - 8Таблица sizes for men:
20.5 cm - 7,5
22 cm - 8
23 cm - 8,5
24 cm - 9
26 cm - 9,5
European gloves suggest a narrower palm and longer fingers, while Asian products are designed for wider palms and shorter fingers. The length of the latter in any way on the labels is not specified, there are already have only to measure to determine the purchase.

Advice 4 : How to determine bracelet size

The question of determining the correct size of bracelet often excites fashionistas, as it affects how comfortable is the process of his socks. Because the bracelet is large size , you can easily lose small will cause discomfort in the process of wearing, and the trace of his hand will serve as a constant reminder that the decoration properly.
How to determine bracelet size
You will need
  • - the tape;
  • or
  • - a thread;
  • - the range.
Take a tape measure or a tape measure and measure the circumference of the wrist. Of course, the measurement should be done on the level where you intend to wear the bracelet. This, in fact, the entire process ends, as the result of the measurement in centimeters is size of bracelet: 20 centimeters – 20th size.
It is worth noting that in centimeters measured chains and bracelets. In addition to the tape measure to determine the size of the decoration will be enough thread, rope, or even long strips of paper. Wrap the thread around the hand, if the idea is to pick up the bracelet. Knowing the length of the thread, you determine the right size.
When buying jewelry through the Internet add to the measurement you get through the above way, 1 centimeter.
Slim wrist looks elegant if it is decorated with large bracelets. And here are a few thin bangles will give your wrist a touch of elegance. On hand medium size can be easily worn bracelets of different width, also possible to experiment in styles.
Large wide bracelets – perfect for wide hand. Such a model will be, indeed, a real gem, able to attract attention and will blend in with the hand size.
Useful advice
Lovers of bracelets, close to the body, interesting are the so-called bracelet band.

Some manufacturers produce jewelry, which you can remove one of the segments, and thereby to make the size of bracelet is right for you. In addition, some models have a stock length chain, with which they can be made more free.

Advice 5 : How to reduce the size of watch band

Metal bracelet contains an excessive number of links, so that it can be customized under the hand of any diameter. To apply for this workshop do not necessarily.
How to reduce the size of watch band
Consider strap. It consists of two types of parts: plates, each of which has two transverse slits and straps that are installed in these cracks and interconnect two adjacent plates. Details of the second type after the installation is bent from the back side of the bracelet.
If you purchased the strap separately from the hoursbefore you fit install it on the watch. To determine how many links to remove, without this it is impossible. Then put on the watch and see if they hang. The very small overhang is normal - it means the bracelet fits to your hand and winging it is not necessary. If it turned out that the diameter of the strap is considerably greater than the diameter of the hand, you want to remove one or more links.
To remove the link, bend one Hoop detail on both sides, and the next - with only one adjoining it. Pull the first of them, and it turns out that you can get and one plate. Then insert the bent part of the second tightening parts in the remaining slot of the plate and fold again. Perform all operations carefully to avoid scratching the front side of the bracelet below and on the reverse side appeared sharp edges. Be sure to save deleted items, especially if they have a coating of precious metals.
Again put on the watch and make a decision on the need to remove the following link. Always remove them only one at a time, each time trying on watches. If this rule is not followed, you can accidentally make a bracelet too tight and uncomfortable to wear. Such a watch you will want to take a minute, besides, they can numb the hand.
If you have accidentally deleted the extra link, install it in reverse order. However, after that you will have to accept the fact that the appearance of the bracelet is a little spoiled.

Advice 6 : How to change the bracelet on the watch

Sometimes there are situations when we urgently need to replace a broken watch band for a new one. To do this, it is not necessary to refer to specialists, because you can substitute yourself and most importantly have the necessary tools.
Replacement bracelet on the watch
Watches is not a simple accessory but an element that indicates brightly on the status of its owner. A nice watch to accompany its owner in all situations, so this accessory should be selected carefully.

Correctly chosen wrist watch will serve faithfully to its owner for a long time. However, like any other items, watch from time to time must be replaced, as their appearance gradually deteriorates. Replacement accessory on the newer is required and in that case, if its design is simply tired.

What to do in this case? It is not necessary to spend money on purchasing a new wristwatch, you just have to replace the bracelet and accessory update instantly. To replace the bracelet will need special tools.

Where to start changing the bracelet on a wristwatch?

You should first buy a bracelet of the right color. When you select this part of the hours necessary to consider several points. First, you need to pay attention to the length of the bracelet and its width. Secondly, we should pay attention to the fact that the material from which is made bracelet. This material should be difficult placed or indelible, hypoallergenic. Stainless steel bracelets are the perfect classic option. When selecting a bracelet one should take into account the material from which made the watch case, everything should look quite harmoniously.

How to remove the anklet?

To remove the old wristband from wristwatches can be as follows. To start using a thin sewing or any other similar tool should drive the pin, which acts. For this purpose on the reverse side of the bracelet there are special grooves. The pin should drive to the middle of the tube, and then can be removed from the watch and the bracelet.

How to install a bracelet on a wrist watch?

To carry out the installation of a new bracelet on the wrist watch should be very careful and all the rules. You need to ensure that the bracelet had a suitable width. Too wide the bracelet will be impossible to install, and after installation narrow can spontaneously fall out of the ear. In addition, the bracelet set on the clock it is necessary so that the castle was opened not from the numbers 12 and 6 numerals.

Now you need to the hole of the bracelet to set the eyelet and into the hole in the eyelets insert one of the pins, which is the most favored. Then a thin screwdriver or awl should put pressure on the pin and between the lugs to quickly insert the eyelet. The pin needs to hit the eye. After the installation of the bracelet remains only to test his strength.
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