If you are choosing a bracelet for yourself, take a dressmaker's cloth tape or a tape measure and measure them circumference of the arm at the level where you are going to wear the bracelet. To the resulting figure add two inches – this will be the size of your bracelet. Two inch stock that will allow you to easily fasten the bracelet and comfortable to wear without the risk of accidentally losing. For example, the circumference of the arm is 15 cm Add 2 and get 17 - the required size of the bracelet.
If you choose a bracelet for the watch, you need to measure the length of your watch from the shackle to the shackle and subtract it from the total length of your bracelet. This will size the bracelet for hours. Thus, if the girth of your wrist is sixteen centimetres long hours three inches, and the stock for a comfortable fit two inches, you will receive 16 cm + 2 cm – 3 cm = 15cm. Is 15 size.
By purchasing a bracelet as a gift, often want to make a surprise. In this case, it can be recommended to make use of some simple tricks:- tie on the hand of someone you going to please gift, thread or ribbon just for fun, save and measure it with a ruler;
- measure the length of an existing bracelet, together with a lock;
- if you have the opportunity, take the bracelet to a jewelry store where you are happy to measure and help you choose other;
consult with relatives - it will be easier to know the size of the bracelet without attracting suspicion on you. They can ask, what kind of decorations to prefer the person you want to make a gift.
If your gift is intended to the girl, ask her friend along with her to go to a jewelry store. There they can spend time considering jewellery designs, and your ally will be able to know for you size, not only the bracelet and also ring.
If you still afraid to make a mistake, it is better to choose a bracelet of a larger size consisting of links. This bracelet you can then reduce, if necessary, the jeweler to the desired length.
If you are still in doubt, maybe don't need surprises? Many jewelry stores, firms and even well-known jewellers offer to purchase a beautifully designed gift certificates.