To deprive the employee of vacation is not permitted by applicable law. In fact, the abolition of vacation means only the transfer of vacation days to another time period within the current working year. In extreme cases, the carrying over of leave to the following year, the leave must be used by the employee no later than 12 months after the end of the year for which it was provided.
Receive from the employee a written statement of the transfer of paid annual leave for another time. Verify that the statement specify a new period of leave and the reason for which the employee carries it. Sign the statement at the head. If a company has a complex structure, agree with the direct supervisor of the employee (the head of Department or workgroup).
Publish a new order cancelling the holiday. As a special form for this type of administrative documentation does not exist, describe the text in a free form. Don't forget to mention that a new order will cancel the previously issued order granting the employee the annual paid leave. Familiarize the accounting Department, the management and the employee with the issued order.
In cases where the employee is already on annual paid leave, cancel the order and leave is impossible. Required other document – the opinion of home away from home. Remember that you can withdraw the worker from holiday you can only with his consent. In this case the unused part of the leave can be used or at any convenient time in the current year are either connected to paid leave for the following year.
Don't forget that there is a category of workers who cannot be recalled from vacation. These include persons under the age of eighteen years, workers employed in jobs with hazardous or harmful working conditions, and pregnant women.