Please note: the order about the cancellation of the leaveand may only be issued in case if your slave has not gone in vacation. Otherwise, such an order should be made in the form of revocation of leaveand (for example, in connection with the production necessity).
Invite to my employee and ask him to write a statement about another vacationand another time (but before the end of the year). Order cancelling leaveand is issued only on the basis of that application, or according to collective labour agreement.
The employee must specify in the statement the reason for the transfer and a new release date in the vacation. The application must be signed by the head of Department in which your subject is working. Put the resolution on the application of the employee: "don't mind".
Prepare the order about cancellation of vacationand prepared in a free form. Best of all, if this order will be issued on the letterhead of the orders, used in your organization to control its activities. In the text of the orderand specify the reason for the transfer and indicate the recognition of previously issued ordersas invalid. Take this document to the orderof am personnel.
Make and publish the order in 3 copies. Send all copies to the personnel Department and the accounting Department of your organization. The head of the personnel Department and the chief accountant should also review this document and sign. Then familiarize yourself with him employee. The employee must confirm in writing the fact of acquaintance with the order ofohms.
Don't forget that the order comes into force from the date of its issuance and approval of all officials.
Revise previously approved schedule vacations. For making adjustments in a separate orderand is not required - enough to be your resolution on the application of the employee. Subsequently, grant the employee leave in accordance with the new schedule.