You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - vacation schedule;
  • - production calendar;
  • - a statement of the employee's transfer or consent to transfer leave;
  • - the form of the order on carrying over of leave;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation.
In order for the employer was able to transfer the leave or its part to another period, the employee must write a statement. Its content can reflect the consent of the employee to reschedule the vacation or the request for it. It depends on who is the initiator: employee or employer.
The statement serves as the basis for the publication Director of the company order. The theme of the document must correspond to the transfer of the employee. The reason for its compilation can be illness of the employee during the holidays, the need for production, the desire of the employee.
In the administrative part of Director of the company, specify the period for which leave was granted and the period for which it is transferred. Not allowed to transfer an entire vacation, and part of, for example, if the employee has submitted a sick leave certificate, indicating that during a furlough, he became ill. To completely make the transfer of leave to another time within the calendar year for which it is granted, the law does not prohibit in cases where the employee's absence during this period may lead to the fact that the company will suffer losses, and at the request of the employee. Divide the vacation into parts is possible so that one of them was not less than fourteen calendar days.
Director of the company should be entrusted to the personnel of the employee responsible for making changes in the approved vacation schedule. The Manager must assure the order with his signature, stamp of the organization. To familiarize with the document of the personnel and the worker who transfers a holiday.
The staff on the basis of the order makes changes in the box 9 of the approved vacation schedule. In accordance with this, the employee must provide a leave of absence. To move it to another time, beyond the calendar year for which it is provided that the law prohibits. Allowed to compensate for it in cash if it's not against the law.