You will need
  • - the application form about payment of unused vacation;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - The Labour Code Of The Russian Federation;
  • - Vacation schedule;
  • - personal card of the employee.
Statement of compensation for the leave allowed to write in any form. In the upper left corner of the A4 sheet, specify the position of the head of the company, his name and initials in the dative case. Enter the name of the organization where you work. Write your personal data in accordance with passport, driving license or military card in the genitive case. Enter the name of your job title in accordance with the current in your company staffing.
The content of the statement you should present your request that you are paid the compensation due you for unused vacation. Specify the number of calendar days for which you wish to receive a cash allowance instead of time off next holiday.
The number of days of unused vacation you will be able to find out by contacting the personnel service of the enterprise, where workers make a mark in your personal card.
Put down in your written statement, a personal signature and date of writing. Director of the company must endorse it in the left side. The employer is not entitled to refuse compensation if it is not against the law.
Be aware that the employer has the right to pay you compensation for annual leave in excess of twenty-eight calendar days, and any number of them.
The employer will not be able to pay compensation in that case, if you belong to such categories as a pregnant woman an employee who has not reached adulthood, the employee, the worker under special conditions that imply harm or danger. The exception is the dismissal of an employee. Compensation is paid regardless of the employee category.
The amount of compensation for unused vacation depends not only on the number of days, but also left you in holiday at own expense, truant, had worked in connection with downtime your fault. Such periods accountant has not taken into account. When calculating compensation in a total amount includes only those periods when you were actually present at the workplace and perform their duties.