You will need
  • - the form of the order;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - the order that you want to cancel;
  • - the rules of administration;
  • - personnel documents;
  • - a report (service) note by the responsible person.
To cancel action of the order you need by drafting the other Directive, which is of equal strength cancel administrative document. To place an order and other related documents should be according to the rules of proceedings approved by the collective agreement in the company.
If you cancel the effect of the order on the staff, the responsible expert must prepare a report (service) a note on the name of the Director. The content of the document indicates the reason why the effect of the order should be canceled. Fit number, date and subject order. A note is sent to the Director of the company for consideration. After viewing the document compiled by the new order.
Enter the company name (full, abbreviated). Then, set the order number, date. As the topic write a cancellation of order. Enter the name and other requisites of the orderto be cancelled. The basis of the publication of the new orders is to note the officers (responsible) persons.
The reason of drawing up of the order about cancellation of action of another administrative document write cause, said in a report (service) note employee. If you cancel the order, for example, dismissal, transfer, relocation or hiring of the employee, specify the personal data of specialist name of the position for which he is working.
When the action is not only a status document, but only its separate item, shall describe the original formulation, the number of the cancelled item of the order.
Enter the details of the employee responsible for the execution of the order. Become familiar with the document officer if a cancellation of the order by personnel under receipt.
Sign the order signed by the Director and the officials entrusted with the responsibility for the execution of the order. Upon the cancellation of the administrative document on the personal (human) composition, be sure to cancel the entry in the employment record of the employee by making a new entry in accordance with the rules of documents about proof of employment.